Steven Hoffenberg

College Public Speaking in discerning what the students will face in employment
financial misconduct.

The Corporate Public Speaking Events fund charity college lectures benefiting
students by teaching the components of Corporate Misconduct.

Steven Hoffenberg is the chairman of Towers, a financial services company, and
the online newspaper, Post In 1995 Mr. Hoffenberg pleaded guilty to bilking
investors out of $475 million in restitution. He settled a civil suit with the U.S. Securities and
Exchange Commission (SEC) for $60 million. Mr. Hoffenberg is currently paying back all of the
above investor’s debt.[1][2]
He owned and saved the New York Post newspaper from going out of
business. (Wikipedia)
The SEC, at the time, considered the fraud to be “one of the largest Ponzi schemes in history.”
Steven Hoffenberg served 18 years in Federal prison during which time he embarked on an
extensive study of the Bible and becoming a born-again Christian. Simultaneously studied and
practiced law.
Mr. Hoffenberg was released in 2013 and emerged back on Wall Street purposely engaging his
expertise and life experience toward billions in restitution, collection, and repayment.
Through Towers Investors.Com Mr. Hoffenberg has been working to provide products and
services to repay the billions of dollars in restitution.
Mr. Hoffenberg spent two years as a key participant in the Trump campaign and created the ‘Get
Our Jobs Back Inc’ super PAC. Mr. Hoffenberg discovered the unlawful foreign payments to
the President Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort that resulted in his being fired.
Mr. Hoffenberg is currently in the process of exposing the $50 billion cover-ups of unprosecuted
Ponzi crimes by reclusive billionaire and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.
Harvard Business School Professor Eugene Soltes did consult with Mr. Hoffenberg in the writing
of ‘Why They Do It’ that outlines the history of Corporate Misconduct, financial crimes on Wall
Street and raising money.
College Public Speaking engagements will discern what the students will face in potential
employment pressure of financial misconduct – how to recognize and stay away from
jeopardizing their future career and ultimately their life.
Corporate Public Speaking Events will provide the funding for the charity college lectures on
Corporate Misconduct

Corporate Misconduct
New York Post newspaper takeover by Mr. Hoffenberg.
Why President Trump labeling the News Media as the “Enemy of the American People’ is
not going to work.
White House Trump Super PAC CEO Steven Hoffenberg’s formation of ‘Get Our Jobs
Back Inc.Com’
Mr. Hoffenberg’s investigation of Foreign Funds cover-up leading to President Trump and
the firing of his campaign manager Paul Manafort.
The Jeffrey Epstein Ponzi Fraud cover-up leading to billions of dollars of restitution.
The 2010 Movie “Money Never Sleeps” and “ Wall Street 2” was inspiration for character
Gordon Gekko (played by Michael Douglas). Wall Street the Movie was taken, in part,
from the “Hoffenberg” legacy.
Steven Hoffenberg’s powerful life-changing transformation from his criminal past to
repentance and the unprecedented repayment of the investor’s restitution.

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